Fanny is a designer and printmaker. Her distinctive, detailed work is largely inspired by her very English upbringing. The daughter of a physics teacher and a music teacher, she grew up in a school in Winchester, surrounded by idyllic countryside and historic buildings in an aesthetically crowded house crammed with prints and patterns on books, plates, cushions, rugs and wallpaper. English holidays, frequents visits to the V&A, the Natural History Museum and National Trust properties as well as an entire childhood in a school are an evident and enduring influence.

She trained as an illustrator at Brighton University and her clients have included Twinings, the Cutty Sark, the Wellcome Collection and Mr Jones Watches.  


We aim to produce timeless, quality items that our customers will keep rather than discard with changing fashions. Producing everything by hand means that each piece is unique due to nuances in the screen-printing process. We use ethically sourced materials and water-based inks and print in short runs to minimise waste. 

Screen-printing is an age old process used to transfer an image to a surface. A taut mesh stencil of the desired design is made and then ink is pushed through the screen onto the material below. This can be done either by painting out sections of the mesh and blocking the tiny holes in its surface or by coating the screen with photographic emulsion exposing the screen using a positive film. If the design has many colours a stencil has to be made for every individual colour and then printed separately, layer by layer.